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Our Story

Bonjour !

5 years ago, tired of the hustle and bustle of a Chef's life in West Los Angeles, I asked our family if trying to find calmer waters would be acceptable.

Hence the move to Temecula on our Homestead.

Armand, my partner and Céleste, our daughter are now with me, Laurent still learning the ropes of a new life. A life of peace, space and beauty.

We have 7 acres and are at play in the fields of the Lords everyday.

Our Furry and feathery partners are helping too ! 

There is of course, Sasha and x-Girl, the 2 Great Danes, Coquin aka Coco the mini-donkey and Bonanza, the retired baril racing quarter horse. 6 kitties share the house with us.

75 hens are giving us a steady bounty of colorful legs on a daily basis and our little flock of Guinea Hens, the bug exterminators roam around constantly on the hunt !

The stage is set for 

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